XOXO is an arts and technology festival held in Portland, Oregon. The hosts, Andy Baio and Andy McMillan, were tasked with repeating the success of its debut in 2012. The consensus has been that the second year was as good, if not better, than the first.

Many attendees have commented on the conference, both to applaud what was done well and to bring up constructive criticisms. Anil Dash asked if we can be honest about ambition. Leah Reich cringed at earnestness. Kelly Kend commented on sexism in conferences from personal experience. Frank Chimero spotlighted the loneliness of independence in what Jason Alderman calls the "achingly eloquent unofficial closing keynote." But the most complete wrap-up was written by Andy Baio, who lists all of this and more.

The festival schedule included a market of indie products, a Kickstarter lab, an arcade of unreleased games, screenings of upcoming films, and of course, lots of drinks and music. While the experience was well curated, the focus remained on the excellent conference talks, many of which would be of interest to people in any industry. XOXO has generously posted videos of each of the talks, and I wanted to give a brief review of each for someone looking to watch a few. I've posted those as well as XOXO's summary of each talk over on Concentric Sky's blog.